Environmental Pledge

Since we launched our campaign in spring 2019, our community has been rocked with environmental concerns. I applaud the good work of the elected officials of our community and other citizens that raise awareness, challenge the status quo, and initiate action where urgently needed.

As a scientist, I am excited to see the impending hard data on the full impact to our community. This data will reveal to what exact steps we will take moving forward. But let our attention not just be focused only on one company and one pollutant. We need to ensure that our community is a safe environment from all potential environmental threats to our land, air, and water. As your Ward 7 council member, to ensure this never happens again, I pledge to :

  • work with elected officials and community leaders to ensure transparency in environmental monitoring and reporting
  • work with colleagues from environmental science and engineering to understand how cutting-edge technologies can be used in Smyrna to support best-practices for environmental health
  • continue support efforts to allow independent testing and evaluation of environmental policy to support a healthier future
  • ensure our community is committed to sustainability
I look forward to serving you and working to ensure we are all safe and have a healthy future.

Lewis Wheaton

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