Are You In?

Our community is made great by its residents who are committed to its success. I am excited to serve every resident in Ward 7 in order to continue our progress and to solidify our standing as one of the greatest in the nation.

Priorities for Ward 7

There is so much energy in Smyrna!  In order for us to grow well, it requires thoughtful leadership that is open to collaboration, finding creative solutions, and working together to promote a strong future.

Safety and Security

Our growth must be supported by continual investment in the services that keep us safe. I am committed to supporting those that support our safety and security. My goal is to ensure that Smyrna commits to having the best community resources to ensure our safety and security.

Strategic Growth

Smyrna is a vibrant city that is increasing in its stature and attractiveness in the region. It is an exciting time to be a resident! Smart growth allows us to consider residential, business, and community service development in strategic ways that do not over-commit resources which could weaken our community. Let's keep Smyrna's bright future in mind as we plan for today!


While Smyrna is growing, we need to continue to be thoughtful about how growth affects our daily life. Traffic congestion is a concern for many residents that can affect us all. I am committed to working with the city to improve traffic flow, and working on creative solutions to address a growing need.


The work of the educators in the city of Smyrna is outstanding. As a child of generations of educators, and an educator myself, I am committed to supporting the schools in Ward 7 and in the city overall, to be sure that they get the respect and merit so well deserved. I will work to ensure that the right story of our schools is told.